More than 30 years have passed from a date of a terrible accident and the exclusion zone of the infamous nuclear power became a kind of reserve. A large number of animals and birds gradually colonized abandoned by people zone around Chernobyl, some representatives of the inhabitants belong to a rather rare species. According to verified data in the restricted area bear, otter, badger, muskrat, lynx, deer and Przewalski's horse can be seen today.



There is a white-tailed eagle in the background radiation danger sign. The photo was taken in the Belarusian part of the exclusion zone.

Trump’s team: six new women at power

Alas, Hillary Clinton could not get into the presidency after the recent elections. Nevertheless, ideas of feminism did not disappear in American politics. Six strong and intelligent women occupied key positions in the US political scene. Each of them at the same time - the embodiment of femininity... It is worth to get acquainted with them!

Top 10 countries with the greatest military power

Troops are considered to be an important part of the country and its security. Each year, a large amount is allocated from the budget for security. Countries take specific initiatives to strengthen the borders and the army. If you try to compare armies of different countries to assess states with a strong army, we can distinguish 10 with the most powerful armies in the world.

The most brutal female killers in history

Everyone associates a woman with the loving mother who takes care of the life and health of the child and the whole family. The woman is also a loving wife and homemaker. How could it be otherwise? We suggest you to read biographies of the cold-blooded female killers, who could easily kill, based on materials from

Gone suddenly: celebrities that died in the eyes of the public

We have decided to recall the talented individuals who have died, but remained alive in our heads thanks to their talent and work. Until the last moments of their lives they were devoted to their favorite work, according to materials of