Modern and tasteful: ideas for a themed wedding

The choice of themes for a wedding is a real quest for lovers and organizers. This year the emphasis should be on creativity and naturalness. So we present several promising wedding themes.

"Masterpieces" of wedding photos

Wedding photography should be a bright reminder of the happy beginning of family life, but sometimes photographers are able to spoil the memories it. Just look at those photos from the wedding!

20 animals that resemble people very much

Almost all animals are very similar to humans. If you have not noticed this, then if you look closely at them, you will see a certain similarity with the person. 

20 random coincidences that do not seems so

Life is an unpredictable thing. And sometimes there are such coincidences, which it is very difficult to believe in. We present you a selection of photos on which such cases are depicted.

20 photos showing the whole complexity of life

In life it happens that we make it difficult for ourselves. But it happens that it itself gives us to understand that it is not so simple. The heroes of our collection have faced such complex life situations that they wonder how this could happen, writes